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Process-Based Facilitation



Over the past two years I have worked to bring together and update content that I have developed throughout my career. Well, that book was published in May 2015 and is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE and through many booksellers. Over the next several posts I will provide a brief description of each part of the book and chapter. Process-Based Facilitation has 17 chapters divided into four parts, as follows:

Part I: Introduction to Facilitation

Chapter 1: Basic Facilitation Skills

Chapter 2: Values of Facilitation

Chapter 3: Principles of Facilitation

Part II: The Approach to Process-Based Facilitation

Chapter 4: Process-Based Facilitation Model

Chapter 5: Event Planning & Agenda Design

Chapter 6: The Group Process

Chapter 7: Session Opening

Chapter 8: Ground Rules

Chapter 9: Planning Group Decisions

Chapter 10: Questioning Techniques

Chapter 11: Closing the Session

Chapter 12: Follow-Up

Chapter 13: Effective Listening Skills

Part III: Advanced Concepts of Facilitation

Chapter 14: Co-Facilitation

Chapter 15: Facilitating Interventions

Chapter 16: Evaluating the Facilitator

Part IV: Facilitators Toolkit and Appendices

Chapter 17: Basic Facilitation Toolkit

You can order directly from the iUniverse bookstore or order it through your local or online bookstores. The book is also available in electronic format as an eBook for half price.
Alternatively, you can order a copy directly from me and I will sign it for you. Just send an email to me at wayne at, include your Name, organization, shipping address, email, and phone number. I will call you to get your credit card info for payment. The price is $64.95 (US) plus S&H.