About Us

VickStickyWall120Wayne Vick has been working for 2 decades on a vision of a facilitation-focused consulting group that is a Center of Excellence and Leadership in Facilitation, Consulting, and Training. We provide professionals using highly defined professional talent, exceptionally high standards, and strong business ethics to provide results-oriented business solutions, serving the dynamic needs of our clients and their organizations.

Consulting Services: Our Facilitative Consultants use a Process Consulting approach that draws on established methods from the fields of Organization Development and Management Consulting, to deliver a powerful, process-oriented, methodology for significantly improving individual, group, and organizational performance.

Facilitation Services: We facilitates events, large and small, for business, government, and non-profit organizations. We provide expert Certified Professional Facilitators, independently certified by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), trained in multiple methodologies, specialties, and experienced in a number of different industries. I use a facilitation model designed by myself and my partner, Charles D. Markert, CPF, PE, and proven through thousands of hours of events. Our Process-Based Facilitation Model and planning worksheets reflect a structured and well designed approach to facilitation.

Training Services: We provide training for the development in group facilitation and facilitation-related specialty courses. We are practicing CPFs that add our significant experience to create an unmatched training experience. Courses include:

  • Concepts and Practices in Group Facilitation: 4-day course
  • The Meeting Leader’s Guide to Facilitation: 2-day course
  • 10 Commandments of Effective Meetings: 1/2 to 1-day course
  • Practical Strategic Planning (PsP) : 2-day course

Wayne supplements his staff with professionals he has known and trained over the past 20 years. If he can’t do the job he usually knows and can engage someone who can or he will redirect you to the right source for the expertise you need.

For more information please contact Wayne J. Vick, CPF, MBA at 202-498-2310 or email him at Wayne@FacilitationCenter.com.