Concepts and Practices in Group Facilitation: 4-day course
This is the base course that teaches basic and some advanced topics related to Process-Based Facilitation. We start by reviewing our model of facilitation then we go through the Concepts and Practices teaching the background reasons for the way we approach facilitation and offering techniques and tips for each. By the end of the course we will have covered the entire book on facilitation, practiced designing and delivering events that provides significant practice of the skills and some methods.
  • Private Courses start at $950 per person with a minimum guarantee. The client provides the facility.
  • Public Courses start at $1200 per person with a minimum of 6 persons to run the class.
The Meeting Leader’s Guide to Facilitation: 2-day course
This course teaches executives, managers, supervisors and senior employees five models for holding effective meetings using facilitative methods. The models include a meeting “Getting Started” process, two discussion methodologies, a problem solving method and a conflict treatment approach.
10 Commandments of Effective Meetings: 1/2 to 1-day course
This course was designed to identify the 10 minimal skills and practices that everyone should know to hold and improve their meetings. Provided as a commandment each practice provides the minimum necessary behaviors and actions for everyone to follow to establish a culture that values effective meetings. In addition to the 10 minimums it also offers a “Step Beyond the minimum toward world class practices.
Practical Strategic Planning (PsP) : 2-day course
This course delivers a simplified strategic planning event for organizational elements that have little time or funding for expensive consultants that spend months and many thousands of dollars developing a strategic plan. This course teaches the method to the team that you need to do the planning. The four-part methodology opens with an overview of the model and a review of the Process-based Planning worksheets. You do as you learn working through the modules: 1 – Define the Journey, 2 – Rocks in the Road, 3 – Establish the Best Path, and 4 – Actions to Implement the Journey. We discuss and review the simplified facilitator’s documentation that is used with this type of event. At the conclusion the group will have documented a basic strategic plan with the initial quarterly implementation steps identified.

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