Welcome to the Facilitation Store. This page will provide easy and quick navigation to services and products offered by the Facilitation Center. We provide options in four departments:
Training: Registration links for all public training workshops.

Content: Books, articles and planning materials licensed for use. Did you know that you can differentiate a Professional Group Facilitator from all others by the tools they use? Absolutely! This department will provide you access to many of the professional tools.

Sticky Walls: We have been developing and selling Sticky Walls since 1998, including a full range of sticky wall colors. The most popular colors we stock: Royal or Electric Blue, Navy, Purple, Red, Burgundy, Kelly Green, and Spruce Green. We may also occasionally stock: Black, White, or Yellow.

Business LogoWhile I set up this service page you can order sticky walls via phone or email. Contact me at 202-498-2310 or email Wayne Vick at


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