Wayne Vick, MBA, CPF

Welcome to the Facilitation Center. I am Wayne Vick, MBA, CPF a professional group facilitator and planning consultant located in Springfield, Virginia, USA, just outside of Washington, DC. For the last 20 years I have served as a guide for leadership teams and groups working through facilitated sessions to create a desirable strategic future, plan an implementation, or solve perplexing problems. I work predominantly with small to medium groups and nearly everything in between.

Over the past year I took some time away from my groups to advance the design and content associated with Process-Based Facilitation. In addition to updating the model I also updated and expanded the facilitation course I teach, started writing a book, or maybe three, on basic, advanced and specialty practices in facilitation, researched and developed content on documenting an individual’s facilitation style called “Situational Facilitation Styles”.

On my old website I had over two hundred (200) articles associated with facilitation of groups and other topics of interest to professional facilitators and consultants. Because time waits for no one and progress must continue the structure of the website, which was 7 to 10 years old, was no longer compliant with current standards and I could not find a system that would easily transition it. So, over the next few months, or years, I will be transitioning the majority of the hundreds of pages and document that served as the baseline content for my work to this site. As I do I will create a series of categories to help structure the content and make it easier to use. I am also thinking of a new structure to align my website with the books that I am preparing to publish. I hope you find this useful and I welcome you comments.